LRES UK Specialist Projects pride themselves on the quality of their asset maintenance & inspection services, ensuring that when possible all unnecessary costs are avoided. Always looking to extend the life of clients assets, using advanced technology when & where possible. This is what makes LRES UK a first choice go to provider for all asset management  services.


Services offered for Asset Management but not limited to:

  • Coatings Inspection & Application 
  • Structural Inspection, Design & Rehabilitation
  • CCTV Inspection, Report & Lining 
  • Valve Exercising, Maintenance & Repair
  • Tank, Pipework Survey, Patch Repair & Replacement   
  • Tunnel Inspection & Brick work Repair or Replacement 
  • Coring, Pinning & Grouting
  • Netting & Seeding
  • Full Facility Management Services

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