Given the current circumstances with regards to the coronavirus outbreak (COVID 19) with people self-isolating and soon there to be a lock down on group gatherings.

This is the best time to get a deep cleaning team in to clean the offices & work locations, ensuring a hygienic, safe and germ free return to work. 

LRES UK Limited have cleaning teams currently providing multiple deep cleans around the country to:

Schools, Colleges, Supermarkets, Offices, Welfare Facilities including vans and trailers.

We will issue a certificate of hygiene on completion, this can be used to demonstrate your pro-activeness on reducing contamination for business and insurance requirements. 

We use: 

✅ 180 Degrees Steam

✅ Standard Steam Cleaners

✅ Chemical Cleans 

If you require assistance and would like to positively reduce the risk of further contamination in your work environment as far as is reasonably practicable, call us today for further information.

☎️ 0114 243 6967

☎️ 01724 487106