Our Rescue & Boat Services

We have a varied fleet of conventional and specialist water craft capable of for filling a multitude of roles from rescue to guard boat or as an on-water base of operations for difficult bank side access.

All our fleet is well maintained with none of our engines over three years old to ensure reliability and reduce the risk of lost time, using four stroke and electric engines also helps us to be more environmentally friendly in delicate ecosystems.

The choice of rescue craft to be deployed for our rescue boat services is determined after taking into account the water conditions, number of personnel exposed to risk at any one time, the size of the response area and the depth of the water along with sub surface obstacles.

We operate specialised rescue craft such as the Greenhough advanced water craft (GARC) designed for the US navy seals as a search & rescue craft highly capable in all weather conditions and able to carry 4 rescue technicians, this is the only one outside of the military in the UK.

We also have custom built rescue SIB boats built to our specification to allow use in places such as wears.

All boats and Rescue services are provided by our reliable partner Swift Water Solutions